[Theforum] Future MEO

isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Fri May 17 05:19:40 CDT 2002

A future MEO should still (where possible) provide for the developers who
can't even spare a small fee to learn (students, etc).

What we could aim for are two levels of provision. The freebie one with a
small amount of space (surely 1-2 MB is enough for some HTML files and a
little test database?), and then a paid offering which comes with 10-15 MB
for people who want to host blogs, personal projects, photo galleries, etc.

Of course, what we can provide depends entirely on what MEO would cost to
support. Given that $1/month from each MEO user was going to support ALL of
evolt.org's data, it might not be such a difficult task if the other
services go some way to support themselves (sponsorship for BEO, etc).

(Long weekend. Back in 3 days. Off to see AOTC.)


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