Prioritisation vote: [Theforum] Re: meo

Lachlan Cannon luminosity at
Sun May 19 23:10:23 CDT 2002

Martin said:
> The priorities are (in descending) order of significance:
> 1) leo
> 2) weo
> 3) meo
> 4) beo
> and if needs to shell out cash to support hosting, we will
> fund as many of those as we can, starting at the top. If we get offers
> to host specific services out of priority, then those will be
> considered separately.
> +/-1 please


the other point I think needs to be made is about the relative footprint of
meo/ v beo. meo takes up 4.3 GB per month at the moment. Compare that to
BEO's monster print.

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