[Theforum] Affiliate Hosts

Isaac Forman isaac at triplezero.com.au
Mon May 27 00:28:11 CDT 2002

Is anyone *against* evolt.org initiating an affiliate host program whereby
hosts provide a nominated commission to evolt.org in exchange for referrals?

evolt.org would be fairly selective (maybe choosing hosts by a vote from the
sysadmin group), and certainly heed complains from members who had elected
to use the offered service.

The affiliate hosts would serve as a direction in which to point people who
had out-grown MEO for one thing. The program would be promoted as a great
way to support evolt.org.

If no one has any major issues with starting this program, then we should
progress immediately. The sooner something is bringing in funds, the sooner
we can relieve Dan of the hosting burden.


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