[Theforum] members.evolt.org TOS notification

Warden, Matt mwarden at mattwarden.com
Mon May 27 01:27:33 CDT 2002

members.evolt.org user,

Your members account violates the terms of service agreed to before
submission of your application:


and/or the guidelines set forth here:


This is most likely due to storing/serving file(s) that probably shoudn't
be on your members.evolt.org account (such as mp3s, various exe's,
various archives, etc.).

Please review the terms of service and guildelines and remedy any current
violation. Please remember that m.e.o.'s purpose is for learning. That way
we can all play nice and everyone gets fair use of m.e.o. :)

The basic rule would be: if you've can store it somewhere else (like your
home computer, or various file-storing hosts on the net), do it. We have
limited resources and are not able to house files for such purposes.

(If you feel you have received this in error, shoot me back an email and
we'll figure it out)


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