[Theforum] m.e.o. management (was: meo barriers)

Lachlan Cannon luminosity at members.evolt.org
Mon May 27 02:28:54 CDT 2002

Marlene Bruce said:
> We need to resolve the following issues:
> 1.  Who should be managing m.e.o.? We need to establish a management
> body.

More specifically, which group should a sub group for this purpose be
formed under for. I would say it would probably be content, but it could
fall in the sysadmin area a little too.

> 2.  We need to readdress the written admission policy for m.e.o..
> Several of us have agreed that it needs to be better defined.

+1 - content group would be in charge of looking after this, I would say.

> 3.  The management criteria need to be defined (I don't know that one
> currently exists in any written form). What exactly is our method of
> assuring that the m.e.o. account holders continue to meet our
> criteria for accounts, after they've been given one? Having a formal
> document would be essential if someone disputes our decision to
> remove them, and would undoubtedly come in handy for other reasons as
> well.

I assume the TOS would be used for this purpose. If we have criteria for
getting rid of people it should be open so that we can say 'you agreed to
this when you signed on'.

> 4.  We need the m.e.o. management group to assess current usage of
> m.e.o., address issues of misuse, and inform m.e.o. account holders of
> changes to our policies as they arise.


> * If m.e.o. account holders aren't using their space for the intended
> purpose, we should open that space up to those who could really use it.
> This could bolster our community (see numbers 3 and 4).

Except politely. that way we can point them towards affiliates, who we will
benefit from them going to. Obviously, \we couldn't do this if it was
pornographic / warez / mp3 type material, which we'd need to pull the
accounts for as soon as we found...

> So, now that I've thrown all that out there, anyone have any ideas
> about how we should prioritize these issues for solving?

Do we need to prioritise everything? These are all important things, let's
get them all done. While we're at it, we also need to not forget
our 'monkeygroups', either. We shouldn't be forming new groups, but forming
subgroups of the main ones. We also need to move ahead with that stuff as
well. (Obviously it's not as important as saving the evolt boxen, but I see
no reason for progress on that to stall because of other things. We're all
capable of multi-tasking).

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