[Theforum] thelist subscription stats

.jeff jeff at members.evolt.org
Mon May 27 19:57:38 CDT 2002

hey all,

just got done doing some reporting on thelist subscriber base.  in their
simplest form, here's how the numbers break down.

non-digest subscribers - 1461
 - regular - 847
 - nomail - 586
 - hidden (some regular, most nomail) - 28

digest subscribers - 1451
 - regular - 1000
 - nomail - 421
 - hidden (some regular, most nomail) - 30

total subscribers - 2912
total regular subscribers - 1847
total nomail subscribers - 1007
total hidden subscribers (some regular, most nomail) - 58

there were 689 total unique addresses that posted to thelist since january
1, 2002.  not every unique address is from a unique person though, but i
can't tell what portion of those addresses are from non-unique individuals.
i also can't tell how many of those 689 were from nomailed addresses (an
indication it's probably not from a unique individual).

so, roughly speaking, about 1/3 of our total active (non-nomailed)
subscribers posted to thelist in approximately the last 6 months.  i think
that's a fantastic ratio -- one that's probably not achieved on many other
similar lists.


jeff at members.evolt.org

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