[Theforum] voting results: give at evolt.org

Marlene Bruce marlene at members.evolt.org
Wed May 29 13:45:33 CDT 2002

Voting has now closed on this issue, and the motions pass. For
details see below.

Dean, I know you've got several headaches right now. As soon as other
fires permit, please set up the "give at evolt.org" email address.

I'll finalize the HowToDonate page with some donation suggestions.
Once the email account is set up, I'll initiate a PayPal account. On
the HowToDonate page I'll put in PayPal and our snail mail address as
a way to donate now, and I'll look into the other suggestions we've
received from William and Elfur, to expand our receiving abilities.

I'm still working on banking account posibilities, more on that soon.

Regarding our snail mail address, I checked out the local Mail Boxes
Etc. yesterday and their prices are a lot higher than a regular post
office box. The PO would be $38/year and MBE would be $264/year (for
their small personal box, which would only accept mail under one last
name [my name]) or $372/year (for a small business box that would
accept mail under a business name plus one personal name).

IOW, at this point in our existence I think I better go back to the
idea of a regular post office box. I'll get one today, and I'll
reimburse myself when we receive enough donations to cover the cost.

Thanks and cheers,

P.S. For anyone interested, here are the results:

1. Set up an address for give at evolt.org. I would be a recipient of
that address and we need one other recipient (for accountability and
back-up). Who should that be? I had suggested Elfur previously, but I
don't really have a strong opinion one way or another.

+1=2   -1=0

2. Create a "Give to evolt.org" page on our site. Should it be under
Community News or the FAQ category, or somewhere else? I've tweaked
the text at: http://freezope2.nipltd.net/acorn/evolt/HowToDonate. I
think the only thing it needs now is our P.O. Box address.

+1=2   -1=0
Placement: Under the FAQ category.

3. Get a P.O. Box. Since my nearest post office has a month-long
waiting list, I'll go to another one and get us an address there.

+1=2   -1=0
Mail Boxes Etc. was suggested.

4. On all sections of the site add a "Help support evolt.org" link in
the side-bar (above the fold) pointing to the above page.
Alternatively it could go under the "Browsers | Lists | Tips ...."
links, or in the black span next to the drop-down menu. Any
preferences as to placement?

+1=2   -1=0
Placement: Above the fold in the side-bar

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