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On Wednesday, May 29, 2002, at 08:53  pm, rudy wrote:

> for instance, i forget already which of the five groups is responsible
> for
> the move

It needs input from several places.

Here's how it could work

* Finance, SysAdmin & Marketing will need input into it (Marketing to
check for reputational issues - do we want to be hosted in the same
place as something some members may find abhorrent (and that's a wide
spread btw)?)

* SysAdmin will need to define requirements for it and shortlist
potential hosts against them, including checking out technical claims
and how easy the move would be - some asking around as a first port of

* Finance will need to define budgetary constraints (what we think we
will be able to sustainably afford), and will also need to do some due
diligence as to whether they're likely to be in business in a year's
time. It will also need to negotiate with potential hosts around not
only amounts but also payment schedules.

* All potential hosts which pass those checks will go to the Steering
Committee to make the definitive choice.

Then we're into planning the actual move.

* The SC will need to agree acceptable limits of downtime with input
from SysAdmin

* SysAdmin probably to do the vast majority of planning and actually
working with the chosen host

* Finance will need to set up payment, and ensure that all the stuff
that's Dan's (hardware and software) gets transferred to Dan, and all
the stuff that's evolt's gets transferred to evolt. This includes a
clear schedule of all the software licenses btw.

I also suggest that we have one person responsible for co-ordinating it

I'm sure there's other stuff, and certain there's more detail below this.

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