[Theforum] New groups, new lists

Marlene Bruce marlene at members.evolt.org
Thu May 30 16:52:07 CDT 2002

Isaac and Dean,

>Marketing:        http://lists.evolt.org/mailman/listinfo/marketing
>Sysadmin:         http://lists.evolt.org/mailman/listinfo/sysadmin
>Finance:          http://lists.evolt.org/mailman/listinfo/finance
>[Development:]    http://lists.evolt.org/mailman/listinfo/thesite
>Content:          http://lists.evolt.org/mailman/listinfo/content

Thanks so much for setting all of this up, it's going to be a big help!

Oh, just noticed when I tried visiting the archive pages for content
and finance, I got 404 errors (not the first archives link, but the
second; i.e.: "Finance Archive" and "Content Archive").


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