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Hugh Blair hblair at hotfootmail.com
Fri Jun 21 01:14:29 CDT 2002

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> On Behalf Of Marlene Bruce
> Same as:
> The Registrant (Milwaukee) address will soon change to our pending
> post office box. At the beginning of this week I applied for the box,
> and should have it in the next week (I'm moving and they have to
> verify my new address). The Administrative and Technical contacts
> should probably match what's there for evolt.org (assuming Ron ends
> up hosting the thing at least for the short term. The address for me
> is my "permanent" one at my mom's.

I didn't use the Milwaukee address. I used your info for:
Admin/Orginization/Billing contacts. I used Ron's info for the Tech

Sometime tomorrow, you'll see the updated whois for evolters.org at:

The 'manage' site URL is:

I need to know who to email the username/password to. ???  After
giving that to whoever, I'm out of the picture. Y'all have total
control and 1 year paid.

> Thanks so much for doing this!

No problem.


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