[Theforum] new home for evolt

Lachlan Cannon luminosity at members.evolt.org
Tue Jul 2 08:36:07 CDT 2002

Talk about the move of evolt.org's servers seems to have slowed down and
stopped. However, the move of evolt's servers is THE most important thing
we should be discussing. Without a new host, come January evolt will cease
to exist. There'll be no point worrying about a redesign, or whatnot,
because there won't be anything to redesign. While I know that people can
talk about other stuff first, it seems to me that we'd be best off getting
this move sorted now, so we can concentrate our full attention on these
other priorities, such as the redesign, and fundraising.

As far as I can see there is no reason not to go with Ron's offer. We know
that Ron's hosting has the environment we need, and in addition he has the
best interests of evolt at heart. I'd urge us to go with him. BTW Ron...
if the mirroring of BEO goes ahead and we lose all the BEO bandwidth,
apart from co-ordination stuff, how much do you think that'd affect the
costs of hosting?

Does anyone have any reason why we shouldn't transfer to Ron ASAP, or
should we get on with it?

MSN: luminosity @ members.evolt.org

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