[Theforum] Downtime on Friday

Daniel J. Cody djc at f2o.org
Fri Jul 12 11:03:45 CDT 2002

Update on this.. The Wisconsin energy guy just called to tell me they
will *NOT* be cutting the power tonite as planned.

They will be cutting it early next week sometime, and I'll pass on the
info when I get it. Sorry about the false alarm, but they're fickle people.


Daniel J. Cody wrote:
> Hi -
> The power co just let me(and everyone one else in the building) know
> they are coming to the building this friday to replace the main breaker
> at 5 pm.
> They expect to have it replaced within 1-2 hours. Everything will be on
> the UPS systems, but if the outage lasts longer than anticipated, the
> machines with the lowest priority will be turned off first.
> Sorry about the short time frame, but I just got the memo from the Super.

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