[Theforum] half the battle - finance time

martin burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Mon Jul 15 05:03:41 CDT 2002

At 10:45 15/07/2002, William Anderson wrote:
>I think pimping our amazon affiliates account too would be a good call -
>should be linked from every book review, and perhaps a books (and other
>media?) section could be added to evolt somewhere?  extra article category?
>is this done already?  has the sunburn gone to my head?

Well there's a start at

"Evolt recommends" - could also add hw/sw as Amazon sells a lot of that
kind of thing.

hmm - recommendations.evolt.org, on the deo codebase? Or on a yahoo clone
like http://www.zope.org/Members/EIONET/YihawDirectory


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