[Theforum] Dan: evolt.org domain stuff

Marlene Bruce marlene at members.evolt.org
Tue Jul 16 18:15:57 CDT 2002

Hey Ron,

>I have been working on the access, and already faxed in all the requried
>stuff.  The request for acct# is still being sent to Dan (who knows
>why).  Talked to NetworkSolutions today and we should have our new
>password by Thurs., maybe tomorrow.  Once I recieve that I will get the
>DNS servers changed from Stark Media.  Is there anything else we need

Both the registrant and administrative contact should be changed to:

P.O. Box 631
Mountain View, CA 64042

The first line under administrative contact should be changed to
Treasurer, and my digitizethis.com email address should be changed to
treasurer (at) evolt.org. The fake fax number needs to be deleted.

Will you send me and Elfur the new UN/PW when you receive it? That
way we'll have it in both the Treasurer and Secretary records.

Thanks bunches,

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