financing (was: [Theforum] Dan: domain stuff)

Warden, Matt mwarden at
Thu Jul 18 21:58:17 CDT 2002

Madhu wrote:
>>  Because it costs .12 per annum, you
>>can change the root details from a web interface,
>>they provide free secondary if you want it, *and*
>>their TOS states explicitly that You Own The Domain
>>And We Don't Want It.
>I've never used them, but members of thelist have usually recommended it,
>and I know .jeff uses them.
>Shall we switch then? Want to move this to the steering committee list?

No, IMO.

As important as our registrar of choice is, I think we kind of need to
focus on how we're going to pay Ron.

Do you have any thoughts on what I wrote here:

No one had anything to say, really, other than about our amazon affiliate
id, which really isn't going to bring in the cash we need, I'm afraid.

Yes, we're waiting to see what Ron has for us:

but we can look at other hosting options and other fundraising options.

I got one +1 for getting tagwear running again. Anyone else like to chime

donation drive? pet shop?

or, do you guys not care? if that's the case and you want to talk about
other things, let me know and i'll just run with it.


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