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Fri Jul 19 03:41:10 CDT 2002

At 01:55 PM 7/19/2002, .jeff wrote:
>additional thoughts?

Yes, I just thought of something.

We need a "Perma-link" for this so that those of us who run weblogs can
link directly to a page about this fund raising drive. That would be much
better than linking to the home page, which won't remain this way forever.
And perhaps a "tell a friend" feature?

Spreading the word should be made as easy as possible. If we get it on a
few high-traffic sites, it may work wonders.

(The editor in me requests that the "please note that" in the text be
removed. Trim it to "Your donations will directly ensure the survival of" The fact that it's there for you to see implies that it's to be
noted. ;)

That's it for now.



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