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Wall of recognition recognises all those who gave, regardless of the amount
they gave.

I once worked on an (extremely) successful legacy campaign. The
organisation had a prominent tree (flat metal, attached to the wall) in
their building where everyone who left money to the organisation got a leaf
attached to it with their name on. They called it the Tree of Life. Tacky
as hell, but it brought in the money, which was the point.

Now what we might do is have it in tiers, and I'd also suggest having some
kind of weighting in there for different countries/costs of living, but
everyone who gives (and who doesn't object to being acknowledged) gets a

We might also think about having some kind of distinguishing mark in the
member cubes.

There's a very effective approach to fundraising which I think came from
Jefferson or Washington (don't remember which):
First ask all those who you know will give.
Then take the list of those who have given, show it to the people you think
might give and ask them.
Then take the list of all those who have given, show it to the the people
you think won't give and ask them in case you're wrong.
And it works. Pretty much all the old hospitals in the UK were built on
donations (some of the newer ones too). And they've all got big boards in
them listing the donors. Because donors generally appreciate recognition.

This all works on 3 levels:
1) Good psychology for those who give - "I'm recognised. And I'm not the
only one doing this. And I feel more ownership of the evolt idea, so will
be more likely to give again"
2) Good psychology for those who don't - "All these people give, so why
don't I? And I wouldn't be single-handedly supporting evolt"
3) Good psychology for outside (eg corporate) donors, including Ron -
" is making a serious effort to support itself. My support won't
be wasted"

To be honest, Madhu, if having it makes non-donors feel slightly shabby,
then that's a good thing from a bringing in the money perspective. Simple
cognative dissonance which gives people an easy way to feel non-shabby:
give some money. Which is what we need.

Besides, the donor list, like the employee of the month, is only
Dilbertesque when it's insincere.

Me? I sincerely feel grateful to anyone who gives to evolt.

PS I assume all those here who can afford to do so and live somewhere where
Paypal can be used are thinking about how much to give... if we're not
prepared to give ourselves, why are we asking anyone else to?

Subject:    Re: financing (was: [Theforum] Dan: domain stuff)

At 12:04 PM 7/19/2002, Dean Mah wrote:
>Are we going to have a "wall of recognition" or did we decide against

Against. Just like useless "employee of the month" awards, they make the
others (including people who might have given small amounts) feel guilty,
undervalued, and unappreciated.

My 2 Rupees anyway.

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