financing (was: [Theforum] Dan: domain stuff)

Martin Burns martin at
Fri Jul 19 09:53:07 CDT 2002

On Thu, 18 Jul 2002, Warden, Matt wrote:

> Madhu wrote:
> >>  Because it costs .12 per annum, you
> >>can change the root details from a web interface,
> >>they provide free secondary if you want it, *and*
> >>their TOS states explicitly that You Own The Domain
> >>And We Don't Want It.
> >
> >I've never used them, but members of thelist have usually recommended it,
> >and I know .jeff uses them.
> >
> >Shall we switch then? Want to move this to the steering committee list?
> No, IMO.

Also agreed, but not for the same reason. I don't think that which
registrar we use has much of an impact outwith sysAdmin, assuming that
it's not overly expensive.

sysAdmin - you guys decide. If it's no more expensive than what we're
paying now (and I don't see how it would be), it's a done deal.


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