financing (was: [Theforum] Dan: domain stuff)

Marlene Bruce marlene at
Fri Jul 19 13:14:22 CDT 2002

>Wall of recognition recognises all those who gave, regardless of the amount
>they gave.

If we do this, I think we should start just by recognizing everyone
who doesn't mind, all on the same level, for giving what they could
(regardless of amount). But there's still the problem of determining
if they mind (without me writing each one and asking, which could get
unwieldy if lots of people donate).

>Now what we might do is have it in tiers, and I'd also suggest having some
>kind of weighting in there for different countries/costs of living, but
>everyone who gives (and who doesn't object to being acknowledged) gets a

Sounds tricky, especially when I don't often know where people live
when they donate (not always captured info through PayPal). Perhaps
just getting up a page of recognition is all we need in the short

>We might also think about having some kind of distinguishing mark in the
>member cubes.

Just recognizing people with a cube is all we need now. Differently
colored/distinguished cubes could be a good idea for the future,
after we have more data to work with.


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