financing (was: [Theforum] Dan: domain stuff)

Marlene Bruce marlene at
Fri Jul 19 13:25:40 CDT 2002

>Yes. With a nice breakdown into anticipated donation-sized chunks along the
>lines of
>* $10 will run thelist for a day
>* $33 will support all evolt services for a day
>* $50 makes sure the site (weo) is available for a week
>* $100 will provide meo development space for all
>development/experimentation users for a month

Martin, are these figures supportable (they seem to look right to
me)? This is partly what we need to satisfy potential givers like
David Keevil (see other thread).

The other thing we need is a definitive statement of what we're using
the funds for. As I say in my "thank you" emails, "At the moment, all
the money's supporters give is going towards relocating the servers." We could probably expand on that a bit, and add
the info to my article, in a bullet "* How will my gift be used?"

Should Marketing take this up?


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