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martin burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Fri Jul 19 14:44:26 CDT 2002

At 19:57 19/07/2002, Daniel J. Cody wrote:
>i got a notice that one of my articles i left at evolt had been denied
>today, queried the info at evolt.org email address, but haven't heard an
>answer back yet.
>so i look at my account and it says i have 52 articles written for
>evolt.org. i had 140+ when i left evolt.org

If that's so, you would have received 90 odd denied notices.

I've seen quite a few denied notices through, but not that many. I'm not
sure *that* many got denied.

>so, i guess i'm wondering a couple things here...
>why where they removed?

Notices for each one - the one you queried didn't have a reason, which
wasn't right.

>why wasn't i notified?

You were - notices for each one. That's the only notice we've ever really
given except when giving feedback along the lines of "This could be good
enough if XYZ"

That's what we do, Dan. No-one gets special favours.

>why were some deleted/denied/whatever and others werent?

Jeff went through and deleted a *lot* of short articles which were simple
links along the lines of "xyz released, go get", or news articles which had
a broken link. I lost a lot of mine too btw, and I think (and said) that he
erred on the side of deletia.

I haven't sat down and analysed which of yours got deleted any more than I
have for anyone else.

>did anyone else lose 100 articles they wrote for evolt?

Other people lost a lot - particularly where the articles were short ones
above. I lost a bunch. Adrian too.

Did any of your substantive ones (eg the Spidert ones) get trashed? If so,
they shouldn't have been. Let me know and I'll restore them.

>if my content wasn't good enough any more, or it just wasn't wanted on
>evolt anymore for whatever reason, fine. i think i deserve an
>explanation or something.

See the denied notices. The same explanation everyone gets.


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