[Theforum] my missing content

Daniel J. Cody djc at f2o.org
Fri Jul 19 14:55:09 CDT 2002

martin burns wrote:

>> so i look at my account and it says i have 52 articles written for
>> evolt.org. i had 140+ when i left evolt.org
> If that's so, you would have received 90 odd denied notices.
> I've seen quite a few denied notices through, but not that many. I'm not
> sure *that* many got denied.

I didn't. I got one without an explanation.

> You were - notices for each one. That's the only notice we've ever really
> given except when giving feedback along the lines of "This could be good
> enough if XYZ"
> That's what we do, Dan. No-one gets special favours.

see my previous email to marlene, or the precending line from me about
notices. wtf are you talking about special favors for?

> Jeff went through and deleted a *lot* of short articles which were simple
> links along the lines of "xyz released, go get", or news articles which had
> a broken link. I lost a lot of mine too btw, and I think (and said) that he
> erred on the side of deletia.

i'll resist the commentary on that particular process. can i get my
articles back, no matter how short they were?(and what was 'too short'
denfined as?) although you, jeff, or whoever may not want them on the
evolt site, which is fine, i'd still like to hang on to them.

> See the denied notices. The same explanation everyone gets.

not a particular good explanation:

Your article "Netscape 4.72 Released" was denied for the following reason:


If you have any comments or concerns, please feel free to respond."

i could care less about how the evolt boat is run anymore, i just want
my content please.

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