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martin burns martin at
Fri Jul 19 14:56:45 CDT 2002

At 19:25 19/07/2002, Marlene Bruce wrote:
>>Yes. With a nice breakdown into anticipated donation-sized chunks along the
>>lines of
>>* $10 will run thelist for a day
>>* $33 will support all evolt services for a day
>>* $50 makes sure the site (weo) is available for a week
>>* $100 will provide meo development space for all
>>development/experimentation users for a month
>Martin, are these figures supportable (they seem to look right to
>me)? This is partly what we need to satisfy potential givers like
>David Keevil (see other thread).

$1000 a month, divided up.
30 days is $33 for everything
thelist guesstimated about a third of that - it's about right.
weo guesstimated at a bit less than a third and rounded up to a week's worth
meo guesstimated at 10% of total.

All allowing a bit for PayPal fees.

It's back of the fag packet maths, but it's close enough for sensible amounts.

Even better from an effectiveness PoV would be non-round sums.

>The other thing we need is a definitive statement of what we're using
>the funds for. As I say in my "thank you" emails, "At the moment, all
>the money's supporters give is going towards relocating the
> servers." We could probably expand on that a bit, and add
>the info to my article, in a bullet "* How will my gift be used?"
>Should Marketing take this up?

Yes, I think so


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