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posting this to desdev and theforum to cover necessary discussions.

> From: Madhu Menon
> 2) Jeff said he could implement the "archived" solution
>    within a couple of hours. While the majority hasn't
>    weighed in yet, let's just go ahead and do it. This
>    will restore the articles for posterity.


feel free to test on teo.

admins can archive articles.  authors can archive their own articles.  like denied articles, a reason for archiving the article must be supplied for it to be successful.

archived articles are marked as archived in the margin to the left of the body of the article for the general public to see.  archived articles are suppressed from display when browsing the article listing pages from the homepage or category pages.  however, archived articles are included in search results for both articles and comments, but are grouped together after all approved articles in the search results.  archived articles are also listed when viewing a user's page, but are grouped together after all the approved articles are listed.  all links to archived articles will remain intact.

> 3) For articles with broken links, we need to contact
>    the authors directly and ask them to update their
>    articles. If the site or page linked from the article
>    no longer exists, the article should have a little
>    note at the bottom saying:
>    "<strong>Please note</strong>: Some or all of the
>    links on this page may not exist any more."

added automatically to the top of any archived articles.  see it here:

Netscape JavaScript Bug

> 4) Damage control: Will send an email to Marketing
>    suggesting a possible damage control reply

here's a list of the people that received "article denied" notices based on the notices that are in the archives for [content]:


interestingly, all on the list were admins at one point.

i have a report of all articles that i denied, if necessary.

> 5) I don't think we should change the author for
>    Michele's articles to anyone else. This will
>    introduce several inaccuracies, including changing:
> a) the new author's cube count,

i wasn't hip about my cube count changing by taking ownership of her articles.  if it's deemed a good idea, i'd be willing to change the cube count query to not count articles in the evolt.org faq category.

> b) the new author's average article rating

that doesn't really bother me, though the same approach could be taken as suggested for cube count.

> c) reputation in the community, for better or worse

doubtful there'll be an impact.

> d) comments - it would be weird for [newauthor] to be
>    the author and then have the original author's
>    replies in the comments

already looked over the articles and that's not an issue.

speaking of cube count (those with lots of cubes really shouldn't weigh in because your opinions are likely biased against this idea), what about the idea of counting approved articles as 1 article each and archived articles as 1/2 article each?

thoughts on any of this is welcome.



jeff at members.evolt.org

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