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Tue Jul 23 00:21:15 CDT 2002


> From: Marlene Bruce
> Looks good to me. However, when I go to my page --
> http://test.evolt.org/user/marlene/21/index.html -- I
> don't see an "archived" section (just approved and
> denied). I thought I now had some archived articles,
> but maybe it was just the one that I've subsequently
> fixed the link to and had re-approved.

there might be archived articles in the system now besides mine, but when i posted that i was the only one from testing.

> Great. I could archive a few more of mine, probably. So
> what's the criteria for archiving an article? Do we want
> to send all authors notices that they can now archive
> old articles, or is Content going to weigh all articles
> against the criteria and act accordingly?

an author can choose to archive an article if they choose.  i don't see it happening an awful lot, but the more responsible authors probably will.

the content group should definitely come up with some criteria for archiving articles and then aggressively attack the old ones to get them out of the homepage and category queries/results.

the content group should also seriously discuss the issue of denying ancient, sub-par articles.

> Do we need to put together an email which will go to
> authors whose articles are being archived?

when an article is archived, the admin must supply a reason (just like when denying an article) that will be sent to both the author of the article and to the content list.

> Hmm, I have mixed feelings about that idea. If we do
> that, maybe we also shouldn't award cubes for news
> items (they're valuable as content, but only marginally
> so compared to the potential usefulness of a tutorial or
> other discussion).

i'm all for that idea.  i'd also like to remove the news category altogether from the article categories.  news should be treated separately as more of a rolling blog idea.  madhu can explain more about what i mean by this.

other categories of articles should be pulled from the main article categories as well like jobs, community news, and suggestions.  none of these types of categories require the level of work that goes in to a good article in other categories and therefore shouldn't receive the same reward.

> Should the cube system be weighted, perhaps?

that'd be one way of doing it, but might become confusing.

> As someone who has a small cube count, I really don't
> want to lose any percentage of them...

i'll repeat that i don't wanna lost any either.  however, if doing so means that the cube count more accurately represents quality articles published by the author according to the current article standards then i'd be willing to go for it.


jeff at members.evolt.org

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