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> the content group should definitely come up with some criteria
> for archiving articles and then aggressively attack the old ones
> to get them out of the homepage and category queries/results.


What if I'm *looking* for that old article?

> the content group should also seriously discuss the issue of
> denying ancient, sub-par articles.


We. Do. Not. Break. Incoming. Links.  It's arrogant,
unprofessional, displays an astoundingly shitty attitude towards
our contributors past and present, *CAUSES LINKS ON OTHER SITES
TO US TO RETURN 404s* (duh), looks arbitrary, causes ill-feeling
from past contributors (including long-term ones who otherwise
would be ambassadors for the site), pisses people off during
a period where pissing people off COULD KILL OFF THE FUCKING ORG

How hard is this to grasp, exactly?  Leave them the fuck alone.

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