[Theforum] [DesDev] RE: [Content] Article cleanup issue

Morgan Kelsey morgan at morgankelsey.com
Tue Jul 23 08:36:16 CDT 2002

> > How hard is this to grasp, exactly?  Leave them the fuck alone.
> i can tell you feel very passionately about this...
> i agree with you, just without all the cussing...  not that i'm one to
> talk, i speak like a sailor in real life... almost like a rap star, in
> fact... ok, not that bad...
> anyway, if inbound links are preserved to articles in an 'archived'
> state, what remaining issues would there be?
> .jeff had already talked about allowing them in search results, but
> under an 'archived' header at the end of the results... anyone have
> an issue with that?
> how do these two ideas sound?


since database performance is the issue that got all this started, maybe it
makes sense to move archived content to a second, parallel DB (especially if
we stick with oracle).


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