[Theforum] Re: Article cleanup issue

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Tue Jul 23 10:03:20 CDT 2002

> since database performance is the issue that got all this started,
> maybe it makes sense to move archived content to a second,
> parallel DB (especially if we stick with oracle).

i am reminded once again of the patient who visits the doctor

you new guys, who were all so quick to vote +1/-1 on archiving articles
(must. resist. urge. to. make. sarcastic. remark. about. voting.), perhaps
do not fully appreciate what jeff is wrestling with here

but making the database more complex does not really address the
performance problem

yes, the poor performance of an already complex query can be "improved" by
"removing" articles -- but hey, reductio ad absurdum, the performance would
**fly** if every article were automatically archived after a week or two
(yeah, dumb example, so sue me)

jeff, your comment "the content group should definitely come up with some
criteria for archiving articles and then aggressively attack the old ones
to get them out of the homepage and category queries/results" is begging
the question (it assumes that archiving is the solution to the performance

and it should not be the content group making that type of decision --
don't yell at me, it's just my opinion, and i'm trying hard to keep up with
who's responsible for what -- maybe content can carry out the archiving
rules once they're set, but they should not decide stuff that will have a
major impact on evolt site visitor experience (like "where did my articles


p.s. i have edited the subject line because "[Theforum] [DesDev] RE:
[Content]" was really screwing up my mail filters

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