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.jeff jeff at members.evolt.org
Tue Jul 23 11:46:17 CDT 2002


> From: John Handelaar
> > the content group should definitely come up with some
> > criteria for archiving articles and then aggressively
> > attack the old ones to get them out of the homepage
> > and category queries/results.
> -1.
> What if I'm *looking* for that old article?

then you'll find that old article, just not by browsing the article listings from the homepage or category pages.  you'll find it by searching for it or by viewing the article's author page.

> > the content group should also seriously discuss the
> > issue of denying ancient, sub-par articles.
> -1,000,000.
> We. Do. Not. Break. Incoming. Links.  It's arrogant,
> unprofessional, displays an astoundingly shitty attitude
> towards our contributors past and present, *CAUSES LINKS
> ON OTHER SITES TO US TO RETURN 404s* (duh), looks
> arbitrary, causes ill-feeling from past contributors
> (including long-term ones who otherwise would be
> ambassadors for the site), pisses people off during
> a period where pissing people off COULD KILL OFF THE
> How hard is this to grasp, exactly?  Leave them the
> fuck alone.

ok, here's the deal.  i'm going to be ignoring any further commentary from you if you insist on being an arrogant asshole and shoot down ideas, requests, suggestions, etc. without providing alternatives.  so, until then, fuck off with your shitty attitude.  some of us actually wanna try to improve things around here whether you agree with them or not.

we *will* be tackling this issue again in the redesign of the site.  articles in certain categories *will* be affected and you *will* be decent about it or i *will* filter your foul responses to the trash folder and go on with trying to make things better.

so, clean up the attitude.  i'm not a fucking 2 year old that needs to be talked to in a louder tone of voice so you can be heard.  your opinion is no more important or enlightened than any other member of this list.  however, i'll continue to weight your opinions a big fat zero if you have to resort to the sort of bullshit above to make a point.  if you have no other way to make a strong argument but to attack the person that proposed the idea and/or use strong language or yelling (all caps) then you *obviously* have nothing of substance to back up your position.

we now return you to your regularly scheduled program of endless debate and nearly immeasurable progress.


jeff at members.evolt.org

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