[Theforum] Re: Article cleanup issue

Warden, Matt mwarden at mattwarden.com
Tue Jul 23 12:32:15 CDT 2002

>So, let's get to the point.  Now you've expressed
>a desire to cull articles en masse, 48 hours after
>culling loads of articles en masse and telling us
>it was a mistake...
>Were you lying?

Ok, let's make sure that we're not just misunderstanding what the plan is.

We're trying to get old articles out of the main article query. I don't
particularly like that, but if that what needs to be done, that's what
needs to be done.

Specific questions that I think need answered so we're all on the same
page are:

1. It seems like this is just a status change. Just as unapproved articles
and denied articles are accessible at the *same* urls, these archived
articles should be accessible at the same urls. So, links won't rot. Is
this correct, jeff?

2. Articles with the archived status won't be available in category
listings. correct? I remember being able to browse denied articles when I
was an admin. Would this be possible for archived articles?

Now, I'm *not* for removing/denying articles out of age, with the
exception of job postings. But, I think that if the items are still
browsable and links are preserved, it might be a good idea. People
normally don't drill down beyond a page or two of the category listings,
so I don't think we'd be losing much functionality.

But, simply removing articles from the 'approved' status is like using
rocks to stop a river. The process will never stop because it doesn't
solve the problem.

I remember we got rid of using a static html snapshot for the frontpage in
favor of cached queries. If cached queries aren't doing it, maybe we
should consider using the static html snapshot again.


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