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Martin Burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Tue Jul 23 13:05:37 CDT 2002

On Tue, 23 Jul 2002, John Handelaar wrote:

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> > rather than solving the
> > issues of query response times i'm dealing with
> BING!   That's what this is about, right?  All the rest
> of this is just puff, and leads from Oracle's godawful
> response times.  Or is if CF?  We don't know.

Either way, we've reached a scalability barrier - we can't maintain the
current content volume with the current system. And while we have the
option of deciding to reduce the content volume,
1) At best it's a temporary fix - unless we stop accepting new articles
which isn't going to happen - as we will reach this point again.
2) It causes organisational problems as we've seen
3) Surely the technology is there to support the content (as Matt L
pointed out), not the other way round.

> A more sensible way to proceed (I won't repeat Rudy's
> entirely-logical poke) is surely to get Sysadmin to
> identify the problem, and fix it?

Or (if this passes the Rudy test):
1) DesDev look at the CMS/db schema/code generally to see if response
times can be improved through code changes
2) If DesDev can't solve it with the current tools, then SysAdmin should
perhaps have a think about what toolset would give an acceptable result.

> And if we/they can't fix it, then clearly we're using
> the wrong platform:  I don't doubt that you and I have
> both got databases *way* bigger than this which don't
> exhibit the kind of  behaviour you're reporting.

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