[Theforum] [---Dev] RE: [---tent] Article cleanup issue

Jeremy Ashcraft ashcraft at 13monkeys.com
Tue Jul 23 21:53:16 CDT 2002

On Tue, 2002-07-23 at 21:54, Morgan Kelsey wrote:

> CF loads queries into a special query object, you don't have to assign the
> result set to an array as you do in PHP. The benefits being that you can
> reference the query in structure notation, and recursive output is
> 'built-in' when you output with nested cfoutput tags. another plus, is that
> the array isn't destroyed once you've looped over it, as it is php.

um, you don't *have* to assign result sets to arrays in PHP.  There are
functions to assign result sets to an object......

(ex. mysql_fetch_object() )



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