[Theforum] Attitude cleanup issue

sprocket at members.evolt.org sprocket at members.evolt.org
Tue Jul 23 22:41:22 CDT 2002


You have got to be kidding. Attitude cleanup? Respectful tone?

Want to have your cake and eat it to, huh? I see that, a mere two hours later,
the second helping comes with a side order of snide. No need to bother replying, as
I'm going back to just thelist and thechat to be a good little citizen and concentrate
what little spare time I have, elsewhere. Anything more is hopeless. Got my #2 ranked
article backed up too, so fire at will.

{EM}s are mine, if others didn't catch this.

Was fun while it lasted,



Tue, 23 Jul 2002 14:36:36 -0700

 >  > do i need to explain every little nuance to you?

 >Apparently it's the other way around.

I frankly don't understand the animosity inherent in these emails.
John, do you think Jeff is just trying to screw us? Do you think he
has ill will towards evolt.org? Why can't you be polite in your tone?
Why attack? Do you think it'll get you better results?

{EM} I'm mystified. There's absolutely no reason to be antagonistic from
the outset. You're being offensive (as the opposite of defensive) in
your approach today, which really doesn't make this discussion and
exploration a friendly one. {/EM}

If you wonder why Jeff's tone is
defensive, then take a look at how you're approaching him. You're
treating him like he's stupid and incapable, instead of with respect
in your questions. You're welcome to persist in your tone, of course,
but don't be surprised if you get reluctant cooperation in return. If
you want cooperation, then set a cooperative tone. Yes, its possible
that you know something Jeff doesn't, or might have insight Jeff's
not thought about, but if you start by attacking him, he's not really
going to be receptive now, is he?

If I were your mothers, I'd probably be sending both of your to your
rooms just so you'd stop punching each other. If something enrages
you, it's not wise to just shoot from the hip before taking a moment
to think.

Maybe next time both of you will try to take the ego out of it, pare
your questions and

{EM} responses down to their barest needed essentials, and act like
adults AND professionals, which I know you both are.

  Flame off-list if you must. This is a public forum and the rest of us
reading deserve your respectful tone too. {/EM}



Tue, 23 Jul 2002 16:35:07 -0700

 >/me is often of the opinion that bashing heads gets
 >results quickly providing neither party gets too
 >bothered about being polite to each other.

We've noticed.

 >Which isn't
 >something we've worried about today >:-)

Some of us, anyway...



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