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Matt Liotta mliotta at r337.com
Tue Jul 23 23:40:17 CDT 2002

Well that sucks. I mean I was looking to Evolt as a place I could put
together a quick article in response to the needs of the community as
revealed on mailing lists. If it takes just as long to publish an
article here as it does say with someone like DevX; then it is more
worth my while to get the $1000 that DevX pays per article.

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> > And now that I am on this list I just have to ask; what does it take
> > to get an article approved? My most recent submission has been in
> > queue since 7/16.
> an act of god...
> seriously, tutorials and code articles like that usually sit until
> someone can do a technical review to make sure the code works, or at
> least looks like it'll work...
> sadly, my CFMX skills are, well, nil...
> holy crap that's a big bio you've got...
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