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Matt Liotta mliotta at r337.com
Tue Jul 23 23:53:50 CDT 2002

Having worked for DevX, I can tell you that none of the editors are
programmers and the articles are not checked for programmatic
correctness. As an author, it is assumed that your reputation lives and
dies by what you write. Obviously, this leads us to check our code
pretty thoroughly before releasing it.

It is also important to realize that by publishing articles on Evolt, I
am effectively giving up my rights to sell the article. This is because
organizations like DevX will only publish articles they have exclusive
rights to. There may be a rare occasion where there is an exception to
the rule though.

Oh, and just to clarify; DevX pays $0.60/word and $0.60/line of code
with a cap of $1000.

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> > Well that sucks. I mean I was looking to Evolt as a place I could
> > together a quick article in response to the needs of the community
> > revealed on mailing lists. If it takes just as long to publish an
> > article here as it does say with someone like DevX; then it is more
> > worth my while to get the $1000 that DevX pays per article.
> that's a very good point (DevX pays $1k per article?)...
> moving articles through the approval process has become something of
> a slowed process lately.... partly because of an increased volume,
> partly because of recent reorganizing of the team, etc...
> valid excuses?  nah...
> hopefully everyone else on [content] sees this email and the message
> behind it as well...
> not to say i'm guilt-free, but CFMX is out of my realm...
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