[Theforum] Attitude cleanup issue

Marlene Bruce marlene at members.evolt.org
Wed Jul 24 00:24:42 CDT 2002

Hi Chris,

>I see that, a mere two hours later,
>the second helping comes with a side order of snide.

Not at all, you're not seeing the whole picture. Before that note was
even sent, John and I had been talking off-list (though because of my
filter settings I thought it was *on*, until John later pointed out
it wasn't) and we had a friendly exchange, resolved things, still
like each other, etc.

My note was cheerfully and jokingly intended (I shoulda included an
emoticon!) and, by John at least (I hope, I haven't heard otherwise),
appropriately received.

But I can see how it it could have been misinterpreted. I actually
wrote it while I thought the whole discussion was on-list, so I
thought it was going to be taken in context. (Ask John, he can verify
by the time-stamps that what I'm saying is true.)

>No need to bother replying, as
>I'm going back to just thelist and thechat to be a good little
>citizen and concentrate
>what little spare time I have, elsewhere. Anything more is hopeless.
>Got my #2 ranked
>article backed up too, so fire at will.
>{EM}s are mine, if others didn't catch this.

I'm sorry you misread the tone of my email. I really think you did.

>Was fun while it lasted,

I don't think you should be leaving on account of me.


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