[Theforum] [---Dev] RE: [---tent] Article cleanup issue

Paul Cowan evolt at funkwit.com
Wed Jul 24 02:52:55 CDT 2002

Hey all,

Butting in again:

> the number of days will depend on how many articles were submitted
> in a particular time frame.  10 would probably cover it in most
> instances where there were lots of approvals in a short period, but
> could also be overkill in most other instances.

Why not have the home page with a "10 Newest Articles". That's it...
just 10.

Then, instead of having
    1 2 3 ... 10 ... 20
etc, at the bottom, just have
    view full archive

Which takes you to a new page which has exactly the same content as the
current home page, paging and all. Home page = first 10. Archive page = all.

That strikes me as a feasible short-term load alleviation strategy... given
that you instantly cut out people who just want new articles, to find
beo/leo or something (which they can get off the home page), etc. I would
guess (and it's a pretty wild guess here) that a look at the weblogs
might show 10-20% of home page visitors who click through to page 2?

Just my 2c Australian (approximate international worth: one handful
of leaves)


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