[Theforum] (almost) Free CPUs - maybe, but looks good

Hugh Blair hblair at hotfootmail.com
Thu Jul 25 21:32:40 CDT 2002

Calling all geeks,

I [finally] may be able to get my hands on M-A-N-Y [1] used Compaq
Pentium I 100s or 486s. These should be:

flat/small type case, HD included (maybe with Win95/98), vid card,
10/100 net card, some keyboards, 3.5" floppy. No monitors.
They should all work - they did when taken out of service.
Some may have been stripped of salvage parts but most should
be working CPUs. Anybody need a farm?

They're coming out of a college and getting 'thrown' in the
'trash' - and I may have dumpster diving privileges.

I've tried to make this happen for the last 2 years and it may,
just may be happening NOW.

Location is Chicago. I live in Schaumburg. I'm going to rescue
as many as my car can hold if all details come together. I'm
open to ideas. I'll get as many as I can haul and pile them up
at my place. Toss me some ideas. When I get closer to it
happening, I'll try to find out some shipping costs.

I don't want anything for me, just want to see them get a good

Feel free to take this offlist - my email is below my sig.
This and next week are hell with email connections, but I won't
loose your message if you send me one.



hblair at hotfootmail.com

[1] Would you believe - maybe 100+ units?

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