[Theforum] donation drive

Marlene Bruce marlene at members.evolt.org
Fri Jul 26 14:03:55 CDT 2002

>i haven't heard anyone objecting. can we move the donation header from teo
>to weo?

+1. But first there are several issues which still need to be resolved.

Madhu suggested the following changes that still need to be implemented:

>We need a "Perma-link" for this so that those of us who run weblogs can
>link directly to a page about this fund raising drive. That would be much
>better than linking to the home page, which won't remain this way forever.
>And perhaps a "tell a friend" feature?
>Spreading the word should be made as easy as possible. If we get it on a
>few high-traffic sites, it may work wonders.
>(The editor in me requests that the "please note that" in the text be
>removed. Trim it to "Your donations will directly ensure the survival of
>evolt.org." The fact that it's there for you to see implies that it's to be
>noted. ;)

Also, are we listing how many servers there are? It says, "transport
of evolt.org's x servers." What's that number?

And what will "read more about this" link to? Someone needs to whip
up an article.

Finally, if the donation bar is to be updated by me, I need to know
how to do it.


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