[Theforum] donation drive

Martin Burns martin at evolt.org.uk
Fri Jul 26 15:04:04 CDT 2002

On Fri, 26 Jul 2002, Warden, Matt wrote:

> i haven't heard anyone objecting. can we move the donation header from teo
> to weo?
> we have the number for goal one: $306.25
> hosting will probably be around $800/mo (although, as has been said, we
> simply won't know until we see how much bandwidth is used)

But if we make that the target, on the "we'd like to pay our way if we
can" basis, then we should use it.

Also, we should count donated bandwidth from mirrors against that. So if
we get (say) 50Gb a month donated, that would add $x to the total as it
will reduce Ron's support.

Seeing the total going up is good donor pyschology juju, so maybe add it
in every month..?

Ron, can you have a go at working out how much value each monthly Gb
donated has?

> so, next six months would be $4800

Yeah, 6 months is good. Reset it after that with another $4800 or whatever
seems right from experience.

> therefore, goal two would be $5106.25

Excellent - non-round numbers tend to do better

> can we fill these numbers in and move it up to weo?

Yes please, as soon as it's ready.

BTW - I'll say it again. I assume all those of us here who *can* make
contributions have done so or are planning to do so rsn. (If you can't,
that's cool of course)


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