[Theforum] spell checking on article

Daniel J. Cody djc at f2o.org
Thu Aug 1 13:03:39 CDT 2002

Mr. Burns wrote:
> On Thu, 1 Aug 2002, Daniel J. Cody wrote:
>  > I sent content list an email about this earlier in the week,
> Didn't hit the list at all.
> And as this had nothing to do with content (nor would there be any reason
> for it to do so) until a couple of hours ago, why send it there rather
> than to either here or marketing - the two groups who *were* actually
> looking  at it?

I sent it here because it didn't get taken care of when I originally
reported it earlier this week. It didn't hit the content list because I
sent it to info at evolt.org which gets sent to a list that isn't
configured to accept email for that address. I commented on that too
ealier this week too, but it didn't get through either. *shrug*

> Further, it's only been approved about 10 minutes. As you don't have a
> view of unapproved articles, I'm not sure that you've a valid point with
> "I've been saying it's wrong for ages"

Relax there sparky. I didn't say "I've been saying it for ages", I said
I sent an email about it earlier this week. I was trying to be helpfull,
and yet again get an asshole response. It's this kind of attitude that
makes me wonder wtf I'm doing spending six hours backing up data tonite
for this org, or the last four weeks chasing down someone at Oracle to
get licensing info for you.

Fuck off Martin. And thats the last thing I've ever got to say to you.


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