[Theforum] ADMIN: Downtime will disrupt meo email accounts

Ron Dorman rwd at csi1st.net
Thu Aug 1 19:17:31 CDT 2002

William Anderson wrote:

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>>Hi gang.
>>As you all probably know, evolt.org will have some downtime while our
>>servers are moved to a new facility (check the evolt.org home page for
>>details in case you missed Martin's earlier email).
>>Another effect of this move is that the members.evolt.org server will
>>be unable to handle incoming emails or forward them elsewhere. So if
>>you actively use your members.evolt.org email account, now would be a
>>good time to make alternate arrangements. Otherwise, all emails to
>>you will bounce for about a week.
>Um, can we confirm here that we're NOT leaving port 25 open on any system
>over the weekend until leo/meo/eo is all up and running in its new location
>and DNS has been configured correctly?  If this IS the case, NO mail will
>bounce - it will be queued.
>If so, let me know, I have a clarification mail ready to go.
I have stopped sendmail on the server I am going to put the temp page
on.  Port 25 is down now.  We can change the DNS for it tomorrow, send a
test email or two, and if they don't get queued, we we can block the
port with portsentry.

I am still waiting on the emp page we are going to use.

Ron D.

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