[Theforum] UK fun announcements

Martin Burns martin at evolt.org.uk
Mon Aug 12 09:02:11 CDT 2002

When we announced the UK beervolt the other week, we promised some fun
announcements. Now that we're back on air after the server move, here they
are for those who weren't there:

1) evolt.org.uk
To ease the process of organising beervolts among the UK evolters, we've
thrown together http://evolt.org.uk (in about an hour...)

2) bandwidth donation
Because we've got spare bandwidth on the box which e.o.uk is living,
we'd like to do our bit to support evolt and donate a wee bit to evolt
for browser archive mirroring. We reckon 100GB a month should do it for
the time being. More info at

3) EUvolt
The first couple of evolticons were in the US, and while a couple of
people not from North Americay struggled over there, it was a bit of a
pain. Also, the last one was March 2001. Rather than wait for the next one
to be organised, and have it somewhere else several thousand miles away,
we're delighted to announce EUvolt 2002, to be held in London, November
30th  - 5th December. There's a conference being held in London that week,
for those who want a tax-deductible excuse. More info at

I think that'll do for one email - bring it on.

The UK 'volters:
...in the first instance - that's a non-exclusive list.

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