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Marlene Bruce marlene at members.evolt.org
Mon Aug 12 11:27:20 CDT 2002

>I'm willing to pick up that Jeff loaned evolt.org to pay Matt.  I can
>PayPal (is that a verb?) the money to whomever.  However, I can only
>pay by credit card as I don't have a US bank account so to receive the
>money, you need to have a Premier account.  So let me know who I
>should send the money to.

Hi Dean,

So you're saying you want to donate $128.07 to evolt.org (to cover
what Jeff loaned us to pay Matt)? If so:
1. Thanks, that's a generous gift.
2. You'd need to PayPal Jeff, assuming he has a premier account. If
not, you could just PayPal give at evolt.org (we have a Premier
account), and Jeff would have to wait 'til we get the evolt.org bank
account set up before he gets reimbursed (which by his previous email
on this topic, he probably won't mind).

Jeff, what say you?


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