[Theforum] UK fun announcements

Marlene Bruce marlene at members.evolt.org
Mon Aug 12 11:48:06 CDT 2002

>1) evolt.org.uk
>To ease the process of organising beervolts among the UK evolters, we've
>thrown together http://evolt.org.uk (in about an hour...)

Hey, good idea.

>2) bandwidth donation

That's stellar! That takes care of a huge chunk of our b.e.o.
bandwidth. When can we move on this opportunity ... get portions of
b.e.o. over there and whatnot?

>3) EUvolt
>[snip] we're delighted to announce EUvolt 2002, to be held in London, November
>30th  - 5th December.

Good for you, bummer for me. I've got trips each month for the next
five months already scheduled, so there's probably no way I could
sandwich another one in for November/December.

At least I don't think so, unless I could come up with a *real*
business reason to visit the UK, but I suspect I'm going to be busy
out of my mind that soon before Christmas...


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