[Theforum] UK fun announcements

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Mon Aug 12 21:12:45 CDT 2002

> From: Martin Burns <martin at evolt.org.uk>
> 1) evolt.org.uk
> To ease the process of organising beervolts among the UK evolters,
> we've thrown together http://evolt.org.uk (in about an hour...)

interesting... do i have to be the spoilsport to comment on two
things i see there?

- the logo has been modified...
- somebody saved the HTML out of MSIE, creating a terrible mess of
the HTML, and causing some strange rendering quirks...

and why duplicate efforts by making a new site?

> 2) bandwidth donation
> http://evolt.org.uk/article.php?story=20020805170212377

very very cool...

> 3) EUvolt
> info at http://evolt.org.uk/article.php?story=20020717135303363

hmmm... dunno 'bout the timing.. and where to stay?  what's the
event?  and do i have to start hunting for airfare now?

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