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Wolfgang Bromberger wolfgang.bromberger at salzburg.co.at
Tue Aug 13 07:23:15 CDT 2002

Hi Marlene!
Thanks! How are you? I really hope all is fine with you.

My personal life is fantastic, my career going down though.
Currently unemployed and unassured, I am waiting for next month to do
some work again for a month, and have to look for the time afterwards.
Anyway, I really enjoy life though (what else could I do? worry?).

Though this and other factors lead to the fact that I have hardly time for
my online presence or reading mail. Our company is also going very down,
some clients got bankrupt, so work is really drying up.

I worked since last summer in central Salzburg on the archaeological
digging out of an old market place from
Roman times near the river Salzach. We finished it this year and now there
is a special show at a museum nearby
in Bavaria (half an hour drive), because there have some good things came
to light.

Now I am working on the (possibly) oldest graveyard in Salzburg, from Roman
and possibly Celtic times.
It is located on the side of one of the local mountains in the city, where
very old houses dating back 12th
centuries are located. The road (very small and romantic) is one of the
oldest ones in Salzburg, because there
still can be found traces of Roman circles in stone.
It was the only road to take along the local river Salzach, which was not
regulated at those times of course and was
very broad, and was the main road to pass the alps and get to north italy
and to other important cities and forts.

The graveyard was quite certain near the local village border. The presumed
oldest bridge to cross the Salzach is here,
because for miles it is the closest in the riverbed through two mountains,
one on each side.

It was first discovered by the local owner of the nearby castle (which in
fact is an old farm from 12th century which was build
into a big very representable home, which is in bad condition but very,
very cool) who was gardner, that in the English garden he
wanted to plant (and which he did later, so to dig in that garden is
fantastic) was an old Roman gravedyard at about 1810.
He dig out what he could for 30 (!) years and constructed even a small
selling touristic hut to sell what he found in the graves immediately,
coins, whatever he could.
He even sold a lot of things to the famous Bavarian King Ludwig, this is
why most of the findings can now be visited in Muniche.
Once things run out, and the owner did not find any more coins he started
to falsify coins.
It was discovered by his bad knowledge of Latin that the coins were not
true ones and he was jailed.

Where we are now digging, we found crashed expensive pottery, and the
gardeners "work" is obvious. But it is quite a cool view already, though we
just started to dig out things (if the museum gets the money for doing it,
we will dig out the whole garden).

Currently with the floodings and rain in Salzburg, I have to wait till the
weather is better, before I could start to work again.
One possible job till next month would be at the Salzach, so I have to wait
till the water is going down anyway.

Thanks for reading my story!

till later, hope to hear from you, take care,

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