Subject: Re: [Theforum] UK fun announcement

Erika Meyer erika at
Tue Aug 13 16:43:18 CDT 2002

I think it's cute.   Evolt has regional sub-communities of sorts,
based on logistics of getting together offline, and this is a logical
extension of that idea...

I think it should look different enough from the original site that
the two never get confused... like make it a different color or

Don't alter the logo...

& don't go building walls to keep the Americans out... okay? okay.


>  > From: Martin Burns <martin at>
>  >
>  > 1)
>  > To ease the process of organising beervolts among the UK evolters,
>  > we've thrown together (in about an hour...)
>interesting... do i have to be the spoilsport to comment on two
>things i see there?
>- the logo has been modified...
>- somebody saved the HTML out of MSIE, creating a terrible mess of
>the HTML, and causing some strange rendering quirks...

erika at

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