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% I think it's cute.   Evolt has regional sub-communities of sorts,
% based on logistics of getting together offline, and this is a logical
% extension of that idea...

Yeah, that's the idea.  I don't envisage webdev articles
on eouk, but I do see a bunch of trivial (to everyone else)
shite which would have no place whatsoever on the main

% I think it should look different enough from the original site that
% the two never get confused... like make it a different color or
% something...


Again, as Martin said, what you're seeing now is the result
of (so far) exactly 80 minutes' work.  I definitely want a
different colour scheme.

% Don't alter the logo...

Except for the .uk part, I agree.  The red white and blue
thing was more a joke than anything else :-)

% & don't go building walls to keep the Americans out... okay? okay.

Think I just covered that....  gooooood.

Oh, and for Adrian:

% >- somebody saved the HTML out of MSIE, creating a terrible mess of
% >the HTML, and causing some strange rendering quirks...

Garrett's on it now, and is trying to correct that this week.

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