[Theforum] Short Down Time for Upgrade

Ron Dorman rwd at csi1st.net
Thu Aug 15 10:55:03 CDT 2002

Apologies for all the cross posts, but don't know a better way to get
this to everyone.  Please keep all responses on the theforum.

We will be doing a backbone router upgrade starting at midnight on
Saturday, Aug 17.  With this upgrade there should not be any downtime,
but possibility of 30-60 minute outage exists.

We also have some new electrical circuits completed in the computer room
that I would like to get the evolt.org servers on.  This will definitely
cause 20-30 minute outage as we need to shutdown the servers, move them
about 10 feet, plug them into the new circuits and reboot everything.

During the router upgrade seems to be a good time to move the evolt.org
servers to the new circuits.

a) What says everyone about a definite 30 minute downtime for the
b) or a possible downtime without moving the servers to the new circuits?

2) Will Dean, Matt, John or anyone in sysadmin be available if there are
problems during reboot if we take option 1a?

3) Once we know which option we want to take, we need to get an
announcement out quick.

Sorry for the short notice, I was informed of the need to upgrade the
backbone router this morning and it could not be put off for another
week for better notification.

Ron D.

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